Storage Efficiency

For most companies, digital content and data growth is expected to double in size every 18 months. Businesses can’t afford to have costs grow at that same rate. Meanwhile, IT organizations will need to store, protect, manage and backup this data while meeting security and compliance regulations.

As the cost of storage, storage management, and maintenance continues to skyrocket, your business is under increasing pressure to improve efficiencies, streamline costs, and maximize your existing investments.

Whether it involves comprehensive management tools, data consolidation, virtualization, data deduplication, cloud storage, or other proven strategies, EchoStor can assess, identify, design and implement an enterprise storage solution to meet your business needs. In addition to improving storage efficiency, increasing system performance and application availability and reducing costs, you can assure your data is available at all times providing your employees and customers the tools they need to ensure business success.

By implementing a Storage Efficiency solution from EchoStor Technologies, you can expect to:

  • Better visualize and understand your total volume of data
  • Gain predictive analysis on future data growth and need for additional storage
  • Leverage data deduplication to stunt data growth and improve efficiencies
  • Enhance data backup and recovery with consolidation and cloud storage options
  • Increase utilization of existing resources
  • Simplify management and reduce costs