As a leading provider of IT data center solutions, EchoStor Technologies can help you optimize current investments while integrating new solutions into your IT environment that, improve performance, increase productivity, reduce costs, provide flexibility, simplify management, and better protect mission-critical data.

Today’s corporate IT environments are more challenging than ever.

IT departments are tasked with storing, protecting, and managing exponentially growing data volumes, increasing user-access requirements, meeting security and compliance regulations, and meeting shrinking backup windows while reducing costs on smaller IT budgets.

EchoStor Technologies has a proven track record of designing technology solutions that take advantage of industry-leading hardware, software, and professional services. Our expertise spans a wide range of solutions and technologies including virtualization, storage consolidation and efficiency, business continuity ,disaster recovery, unified computing, cloud, and colocation and manage services.

Our agility, technical expertise, industry leading technologies, and unwavering commitment to customer success have helped hundreds of companies reduce costs and meet their IT goals and business objectives.

Solution: Cloud

The use of public Cloud has proliferated broadly since its inception. Ease of access, quick time to market and a “pay as you go” model made adoption/consumption very easy – not only in traditional IT arenas, but now across an organization.

Solution: Data Resiliency

As the amount of data has exploded, many challenges have arisen for companies as they try to keep up. The exponential increase in data has caused companies to continually have to patchwork their data center with a multitude of different technologies.

Solution: Networking and Security

Systems built over time face challenges scaling networking infrastructure and lack the high performance necessary in today’s ever-evolving world of Networking and Security. Gaps in security are being exploited every day in organizations of all sizes with ransomware, DDoS attacks, and other data breaches.

Solution: Next Generation IT

The rate of data center innovation has accelerated drastically over past several years and there no signs of that subsiding the near future. Ultimately, the application of technology innovation should manifest a positive, measurable & demonstrative impact to the business.

Solution: ServiceNow

Organizations rely on IT more than ever and in order to deliver better business value, leaders in IT need to maximize service management. As companies grow, the service management processes that once worked are no longer feasible at scale.

We offer flexible solutions that fit your environment.


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