SOLUTION: Data Resiliency

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Challenges Facing Data Resiliency

As the amount of data has exploded, many challenges have arisen for companies as they try to keep up. The exponential increase in data has caused companies to continually have to patchwork their data center with a multitude of different technologies.

These legacy and patchworked systems have led to a number of issues, including, security and integrity vulnerabilities, complexity caused by multiple integrations, application performance, and elongated backup RTOs. In an era where business requirements demand tighter RPO’s and RTO’s, this is no longer acceptable. With this increase in data, the copy data sprawl is getting out of control, and utilizing space efficiently is paramount.

Keys to Success in the Cloud

In order to keep pace with Digital Transformation, companies need to combine multi-vendor technologies to create data resiliency solutions that solve business requirements with a heavy focus on lowering the total cost of ownership. To make this a possibility, organizations need to:

  • Reduce complexity and management overhead related to BC/DR
  • Extend data resiliency strategies to the cloud
  • Architect and implement data resiliency strategies for workload mobility, disaster avoidance, and disaster recovery
  • Analyze, classify, and correlate application data resiliency solutions to meet requirements
  • Create effective data resiliency plans across the datacenter that can scale and operate efficiently

Solutions for Data Resiliency

Our technology focus on providing enterprise data resiliency solutions to our customers combines our highly trained sales-engineering team with our industry certified architects and engineers to transcend legacy data centers into next-generation resilient hybrid cloud infrastructures focused on availability, simplicity, security, and scalability. This focus allows EchoStor to be a trusted advisor to our customers as they digitally transform their environments and require next-gen technology to help them solve tomorrow’s challenges.

Services offered around the solution:

  • BC/DR Design and Implementation
  • Backup and archive solutions architecture and engineering
  • Hypervisor, Hyperscaler, and Application solutions consultancy
  • Data resiliency, backup, and archive extension to the public cloud
  • Datacenter solutions integration with industry’s best-of-breed products and technologies

The Future of Data

Next-gen BC/DR/iCDM integration across public and private clouds for maximum scalability, security, and simplicity.

  • Extending data resiliency solutions into the public cloud
  • Architecting and implementing solutions for today’s enterprise hybrid cloud environments
  • Technology focus around products and solutions that reduce complexity and cost
  • Backup and Archive solutions focused on maximum ROI leveraging cloud, object, and disk-based storage

We offer flexible solutions that fit your environment.


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