Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

The success of your business is dependent on your employees, customers, and partners being able to access critical applications and information at all times. Even the smallest amount of downtime can be devastating to your business, resulting in lost revenue, unhappy customers, decreased productivity and damaged reputation.  To generate revenue your business must be up and running.

Protecting your business from disruption requires an enterprise-wide approach, focusing on much more than hardware, software, and power. EchoStor Technologies can help design and implement disaster recovery solutions to help you recover quickly in the event of a system, site or regional outage.

By implementing a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution from EchoStor Technologies, you can expect to:

  • Enable continuous availability for rapid site recovery
  • Leverage flexible RPO and RTO to meet your service level agreements
  • Reduce the risk of disruption to operations and loss of valuable information
  • Speed up recovery from unplanned downtime
  • Increase data protection, system availability, and reliability
  • Define and test disaster recovery plans