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Challenges Facing Service Management

Organizations rely on IT more than ever and in order to deliver better business value, leaders in IT need to maximize service management. As companies grow, the service management processes that once worked are no longer feasible at scale. These processes become inefficient; causing poor service delivery, incident & problem remediation, siloed teams, and bloated budgets due to unnecessary headcount. High complexity and poor user experience causes business to grind to a standstill amid high costs for issue remediation with almost no ability for accurate reporting.

Paths to Success

To provide additional value in meeting overall business goals, leaders in IT need to improve operational efficiencies and build roadmap for continuous improvement including:

  • Single System of Engagement
  • Measurable business outcomes that reveal ROI
  • Simplified and automated business processes
  • Increased user engagement

ServiceNow Services and Solutions

EchoStor offers expertise in the following areas

  • IT Service Management
  • IT Operations Management
  • Customer Service Management
  • HR Service Management

The Future of ServiceNow

A laser focus on delivering value by maximizing the effectiveness of Service Management across a multitude of business functions:

  • Increase ROI via:
    • Decreasing time to delivery
    • Decreasing system complexity
    • Decreasing Operational Costs
  • Continued platform growth
  • Improved service delivery across the entire enterprise

We offer flexible solutions that fit your environment.


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