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Learn how to make faster, more strategic decisions with automated data processes and an end-to-end business insights platform.

When it comes to current business data, a few things are clear:

There’s a lot of it. Daily data creation is in the quintillions of bytes, and IDC forecasts that by 2025, the amount of new data created will more than double the amount created since the beginning of the digital era.

Creating a data-driven company can be challenging. A 2021 survey of data leaders found that only 39.5% are managing data as a business asset and only about 48% are using data to drive innovation.

Businesses that use data insights perform better. McKinsey research found that 50% of businesses with a strong data culture are more likely to have higher sales than their competitors. The same research found that companies that use customer insight analytics significantly outperform those that don’t in new customer acquisitions.

Simplify Business Insight Generation with the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform.

Using data to drive business success depends on a robust IT data storage infrastructure and data lakes that ensure that high-value data is available and accessible to end users. Harnessing data insights also requires an integrated platform for automated data ingestion and preparation of datasets for analysis—and user-friendly visualization tools for insight presentation.

The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform unifies formerly disconnected, difficult-to-access data into a single centralized source for data integration, data management, and data analytics without friction. Integrated automation and AI capabilities improve data process efficiencies so your teams can focus on business-driving innovation.

With built-in data governance and compliance solutions, you can use your data with greater agility while ensuring you meet regulatory and compliance requirements across geographic regions and across on-premises, multicloud, and edge IT environments.  

Business units, individual employees, and your full organization can leverage the platform to explore and access data for democratized, self-service analytics and insights that: 

  • Boost innovation.
  • Modernize processes.
  • Uncover operational efficiencies.
  • Spot business opportunities and market trends early.
  • Modernize existing applications and accelerate new application development.

Microsoft Power BI is embedded in the platform to empower teams across your organization to deepen and scale analytics and share insights for agile collaboration and decision making with simple-to-use visual reporting and presentations. 


A large Oklahoma-based hospital system engaged Microsoft Azure and Power BI to consolidate widespread data to deliver healthcare providers and employees usable, near-real-time insights to improve patient care.

A Dutch financial services company leveraged Microsoft Power BI and Azure Synapse Analytics to break down data silos and create a single, user-friendly data platform to accelerate data insights and deliver data value at a global scale.

EchoStor’s infrastructure and solutions experts accelerate data modernization pathways, helping organizations establish the IT architecture and optimized data flows needed to reap the full business benefits of the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform.

This means step-by-step guidance through:

Data infrastructure assessments. Determine your current state and your ideal state to accelerate the journey to data maturity.

Getting to know your data. Gain greater data visibility and a better understanding of your data sources. How can you access valuable data within legacy digital systems that may not ingest with ease? What is the quality of your data? Is a particular data source or type relevant? Is a dataset fresh enough to be useful?

Designing a tailored data strategy. The volume of internal and external data available to companies is vast. You could analyze consumer trends, industries, social media habits, weather reports, regional transportation trends, and much more. The sources vary widely too, from commercial databases to your own legacy spreadsheets. But all this data isn’t relevant to your business. A data strategy should be customized to ingest the right information from the right sources for analytics that drive business success.

Enabling artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML). Understand how Microsoft AI/ML tools can help uncover hidden insights and drive valuable business decisions and actions based on those insights.

Presenting insights with data visualization. Once you understand the data that is relevant to operational success and business strategies, you can automate visual reports based on that data. This makes collaboration easier and areas of concern or opportunity easier to see—which drives greater business agility. 

Ready to put data to work for your business? It’s simpler than you think!

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