Listen to this recording of Steven Hill, Senior Analyst, Applied Infrastructure at 451 Research and VinnyLee, Chief Strategist at EchoStor Technologies in a roundtable discussion oncreating a digital strategy that can leverage the evolving nature of ITinfrastructure and data management in an increasingly hybrid IT world.

With so many new options available to IT professionals, it can be easy to lose track of the ultimate goal of technology; which is to serve the needs of business. This is done by providing insight, improving efficiency, increasing productivity, and targeting new markets. Today, most everyone is in a digital transformation mode of some sort, but we believe there is a better chance for long-term success if based on a comprehensive digital strategy that can serve as a roadmap for making intelligent choices that will fit seamlessly together over time. Advanced technologies such as hybrid cloud, software-defined infrastructure, AI/ML-based analytics, and evolved data management are powerful tools that are now available to companies of every size. However, getting their full value for your business requires planning, foresight and communication. 

In this webinar you will be able to take away some key points to help guide an organization through the seemingly endless journey to Digital Transformation by building a DigitalBusiness Plan including:

  • Identify Key Business Needs
  • Software as an Ecosystem
  • Adopt a Fluid Infrastructure
  • Future-Proof Data Management

Be sure to join us for the second part of The Business of DX; Webinar Series where Matt Hoeg from EchoStor Technologies will join Steven Hill for another webinar: Building a New IT Strategy with HyperConvergence. November 28, 11:00am