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Supporting Customers in an Omnichannel World

From online to mobile to physical locations, today’s consumers have more choice than ever when selecting the channels through which they want to interact with brands. As if this omnichannel environment isn’t challenging enough for businesses that need to meet customers where and when they choose, an increasingly competitive landscape means that the difference between winning, losing, or keeping a customer can come down to one thing—the customer experience. In fact, research shows that consumers will pay a 16% premium for a great customer experience.¹ At the same time, 85% of business buyers and 79% of consumers view customer experience as important as a company’s products or services.²

With more options at their fingertips, greater competition, and the ability for customers to quickly and easily educate themselves before making a purchase decision, there’s been a fundamental shift in power—and today it’s in your customers’ hands.

Customer Experience as a Business Growth Engine

This shift hasn’t gone unnoticed by organizations, with 87% of business leaders identifying customer experience as their top growth engine—the highest of any other growth area.³

But, while customer experience has become a business imperative, operationalizing the concept can be challenging.

  • Siloed teams and departments can make it difficult to bring front, middle, and back offices together to resolve customer issues.
  • Lack of visibility and data sharing inhibits a proactive approach to addressing the issues impacting customer satisfaction.
  • A disconnected brand experience can impact omnichannel customer journeys when buyers don’t get a consistent experience regardless of where, when, or how they choose to engage.
  • Manual tasks need to be automated to reduce errors, optimize efficiency, and allocate human resources where they make the biggest impact.

Although customer service management tools have existed, they’ve required a significant level of configuration to meet the customization requirements of each unique business. And, even when configured, typically solutions were simply mirroring existing processes, not identifying best practices that could positively impact customer management and truly transform the customer experience. The result: an ad-hoc (and not terribly effective) approach to aligning people, processes, and business strategy.

Research shows that consumers will pay a 16% premium for a great customer experience

Improving Customer Experience Management from Day One—and Impacting Your Bottom Line

With the opportunity to drive business growth, customer experience management needs to be easier, integrated into workflows, and aligned with the digital transformation taking place across entire organizations.

Today, technology isn’t just changing how people buy, it’s also changing how organizations support the customer journey. As a platform that enables continuous optimization and the ability to change as your business and customers change, ServiceNow® Customer Service Management (CSM) not only brings front, middle, and back offices together, it also helps you proactively address customer issues and instantly handle common customer requests. By going beyond traditional solutions to elevate your customer service from issue to resolution, ServiceNow CSM helps increase customer satisfaction and reduce case volume and costs.

In addition to improving customer satisfaction and driving customer loyalty, research has demonstrated that there are significant bottom-line business benefits associated with implementing ServiceNow CSM. Through customer interviews and data aggregation, Forrester concluded that ServiceNow Customer Service Management has the following three-year financial impact:

  • ROI: 176%
  • NPV: $8.75M
  • Payback: 6 months

Together with realizing gains by shifting initial support center contact from humans to automated machine-based systems to resolve issues early, an improved customer experience also results in greater revenue retention.⁴

Built on the Now Platform®, ServiceNow CSM includes powerful platform capabilities that let you quickly build apps and integrate with systems of record to accelerate digital transformation.

With the opportunity to drive business growth, customer experience management needs to be easier, integrated into workflows, and aligned with the digital transformation taking place across entire organizations.

EchoStor and ServiceNow Customer Service Management

With a dedicated ServiceNow team model, EchoStor aligns with your business—and customer—requirements to connect customer service to other departments and automate processes across teams for faster resolution. You get the real-time visibility you need to proactively detect issues or even prevent the issues entirely, and the ability to identify and predict trends to drive actionable improvements and automate resolutions for the most frequently recurring problems.

With an out-of-the-box customer service portal that offers a customizable online service experience—and an Engagement Messenger that enables the same self-service to be easily embedded in third-party web and mobile web sites—ServiceNow empowers your customers to initiate automated solutions to common requests, get answers to common issues using knowledge content, and view the real-time status of purchased products and services.

And, when you are up and running, EchoStor works closely with you to optimize business processes and ensure that your ServiceNow investment is delivering results. We can even support you with a subscription-based service for the management of your ServiceNow instance, including a team of ServiceNow experts to handle all adds, changes, and updates with SLAs that are based upon your business needs.

Discover how EchoStor can help elevate your customer experience by improving service operations and engaging customers with ServiceNow Customer Service Management digital workflows.

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