CMaaS: Soar to New Heights with Greater Visibility and Control of Your IT Spend.

Due to the escalating demand for digital services, companies continue to migrate to the cloud to manage, secure, and analyze their data. However, cloud adoption requires major investments in capital expenses, operating expenses, and human resources. In NetApp’s 2022 Cloud Infrastructure Report, 63% of companies surveyed reported a desire to increase the use of their cloud technology, while 52% wanted to migrate more services to the public cloud. At the same time, half were interested in optimizing the costs associated with these complex services.

When customers enter the public cloud, most set up their initial accounts and preferences with their cloud vendor. Without oversight and a commitment to continuous optimization, companies risk receiving costly bills for services they aren’t using. For example:


91% of organizations in the NetApp report said they used public cloud purchase options, such as reserved instances or savings plans to save money, yet nearly 70% said they weren’t planning effectively.


33% of respondents said reducing cloud waste is a very high priority for their organization; another 43% of respondents said that while reducing cloud waste wasn’t their highest priority, it was still important.

At a higher level, cloud waste continues to pose a significant industry problem, with over $17 billion spent each year on unused or idle cloud resources. Not only does this waste resources, but it also reduces profitability and makes it difficult for organizations to stay within their IT budgets, according to StormForge’s 2021 Cloud Waste Survey findings. Overall, 62% of companies in the survey reported they will focus on improving cloud cost management this year, and larger enterprises (68%) cited this as a priority.

Over $17 billion is spent each year on unused or idle cloud resources.

To best optimize costs, ensure security, and improve resource allocation, companies can benefit from cloud management as a service (CMaaS). When you invest in active cloud management, you benefit from experts who understand both the nuances of your infrastructure and the public cloud environment. This is where EchoStor CMaaS services can help you bridge the gap.

Approaching Cloud Management as a Service

Particularly for organizations using Amazon Web Services (AWS), EchoStor CMaaS can add tremendous value. Beyond managing your expenses, our CMaaS experts can analyze your security profile and compliance, inventory your assets, and improve your overall user experience. By overlaying CMaaS within your AWS platform, you gain maximum insight into your environment—and benefit from continuous optimization. Some of the questions we can help you answer as your CMaaS provider include:

  • How much am I spending, and am I falling within budget?
    EchoStor helps analyze your spend, helping you to determine your cost allocation while providing custom cost reporting.
  • Am I secure, and can I prove it?
    EchoStor tracks users and permissions, checks the cloud and its perimeter, and maintains continuous compliance.
  • What inventory do I have, and how can I optimize performance?
    We help you spot unutilized resources with inventory tracking and analytics, and we implement instance rightsizing.
  • How can I better provide information to my end users?
    Our CMaaS solution includes real-time expense monitoring and budget and security alerts; customizable dashboards provide maximum visibility.

Most organizations lack the time and talent it takes to purchase a cloud optimization tool, and they go through the pain of configuration and manual monitoring. EchoStor CMaaS first helps you to analyze your current usage data to uncover hidden cloud costs, waste, and areas for improvement prior to launch. Once up and running, your organization benefits from built-in automation tools and “fix now” features that manage alerts and terminate idle resources. Finally, as an EchoStor CMaaS customer, you receive a consolidated bill that includes your AWS and CMaaS costs, making it easier to see where your money has been spent.

Avoid overprovisioning and spending unnecessary dollars on on-demand instances with EchoStor optimization. With CMaaS, you can match your budget with your actual usage and save money.

Without EchoStor Optimization

Without EchoStor Optimization

With EchoStor Optimization

With EchoStor Optimization

EchoStor as a Managed Service Provider

EchoStor partners with our clients to architect and design solutions that are purpose-built to meet their business goals. We can help you evaluate how your cloud workloads can be optimized to achieve the benefits of the cloud, while meeting the resiliency and availability requirements of the business and optimizing your experience to meet your budget.

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