EchoStor Technologies Customer Cloud Portal

What is the EchoStor Customer Cloud Portal?

The EchoStor Customer Cloud portal makes it easier for you to run your business and improve oversight and control of departmental spends in the cloud. Additionally it streamlines and consolidates your billing and customer provisioning. The EchoStor Customer Cloud Portal provides the following benefits;

  • Monitor all associated cloud services usage
  • More accurately assign and manage charge-back costs
  • Get a multi-tier view of relevant usage and cost information
  • Access built-in approval based workflows with custom templates
  • Simplify provisioning of new accounts and link existing accounts into one consolidated bill
  • Access a departmental level self-service portal for provisioning
  • View real-time reporting on usage and costs
  • Address concerns around management processes and governance requirements of your public cloud infrastructure.

Take advantage of detailed billing histories and analytics reporting, working from actual billing data and both current and historical demand to receive recommendations with greater accuracy. The analytics reports include:

  • Baseline of demand
  • Availability zone
  • Instance type
  • Instance size