Virtualization is revolutionizing the data center and creating efficiencies never before realized by dynamically sharing critical and expensive resources between applications. However, the true benefits of data center virtualization cannot be achieved successfully through server virtualization alone. Virtualization is a complex architecture, incorporating not only servers, but storage, applications, networks, backup, disaster recovery environments, and even desktops.

Do you have a large number of dedicated physical servers and storage devices in your IT environment? If so, they are likely consuming more resources than can be justified by their workloads and making management much more time consuming and complex. By combining the workloads of these Virtualization Imageunderutilized resources onto fewer, more powerful servers and storage devices, virtualization and consolidation solutions offer ease of management while reducing costs by dramatically reducing the number of physical devices throughout your infrastructure.

In addition to products and technologies, EchoStor’s virtualization experts utilize tools to assess your physical server environment, storage, network, backup, desktop, and disaster recovery environments. By leveraging these non-intrusive tools, we can assist you by designing a virtualization strategy, determining consolidation ratios, and projecting an ROI and TCO analysis.

By engaging in an Assessment and Virtualization solution with EchoStor Technologies, you can expect to:

  • Consolidate physical servers and reduce overall data center operating costs
  • Reduction in data center footprint and power and cooling costs
  • Eliminate maintenance windows for server upgrades, patches, and troubleshooting
  • Improve resource utilization and application availability
  • Manage and monitor virtual machines from a single pane of glass
  • View and manage your storage infrastructure as a single pool of storage
  • Enable non-disruptive migrations among storage platforms
  • Facilitate true disaster recovery for all servers
  • Define and test disaster recovery plans