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EchoStor Cloud and Eva MSP Overview

Challenges Facing Cloud

The use of Cloud services has proliferated broadly since its inception. Ease of access, quick time to market and a “pay as you go” model made adoption and consumption very easy – not only in traditional IT arenas, but also across entire organizations. Companies look to Cloud for a variety of reasons including:

  • Extend existing DC Capabilities: BUaaS, DR
  • Flexible Workload Placement (Hybrid Cloud/Multi-Cloud)
  • Regional/Geographic Diversity
  • Perceived Reduction in OpEx, CapEx, etc.
  • “Going Digital”: Marketing, Enhance Customer Experience
  • Want to be Faster, More Agile, More Efficient, More Productive, etc.
  • Unique Services (AI, HPC, BlockChain, IoT, etc.) & PoC
  • SaaS (CRM, ERP, Enterprise Apps, Personal Productivity)

Despite Cloud’s substantial growth, there are still a number of challenges that companies face as they embark in the new “hybrid world”:

  • Managing/integrating on-premise and Cloud technologies
  • Lack of skills and resources
  • Lack of capacity to absorb more change
  • Lack of maturity of the current infrastructure
  • Financial & Operational Impact

Overcoming these challenges opens the door to leveraging cloud to execute on new “digital strategies” and create new business opportunities.

Keys to Success in the Cloud

EchoStor is able to combine its Foundational knowledge of the data center infrastructure with its deep expertise in public cloud technologies to bring hybrid cloud to life. EchoStor can facilitate “modernization in place” to make the current data center “cloud ready” through:

  • Use of cloud & infrastructure solutions architects
  • Workload Cloud Readiness Assessment Services
  • Cloud Infrastructure Architecture & Deployment Services
  • Data Migration Services

For both new and existing Cloud deployments, EchoStor introduces foundational management tools that enable IT departments to:

  • Maintain ongoing visibility of Cloud Resources
  • Optimize Cost, Sizing & Resource Utilization
  • Enforce security, compliance and governance policies on all new cloud-based workload
  • Introduce automation/orchestration for easy management
  • Manage Billing

The Future of Cloud

The data center paradigm shift to cloud requires skills/expertise in both on-premise & cloud technologies. EchoStor stands firm in its belief that the new “foundation” for data center rests on top of solid cloud-ready designs, technologies and well-planned integrations. The new foundation becomes a springboard towards Next Generation IT inclusive of Software Defined Technologies, Containers, Microservices, Storage Mobility, Hyperconverged, DevOps, Multi-cloud & Multi-cloud Management.

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