Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

As data grows and the analysis of data evolves there becomes a heightened sense of awareness around data protection. Traditional models of data protection have continued to evolve to meet business and data requirements. Technological advancements have also provided solid virtual and cloud based disaster recovery offerings. When combined the result is an affordable and effective robust disaster recovery portfolio.

EchoStor’s Disaster Recovery services provide consulting services around the whole organization. It is crucial to understand not only the business initiatives, but also basic but core factors driving the disaster recovery strategy, such as budget, SLAs, Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objectives. Through our consultative approach EchoStor can determine and recommend a traditional or hybrid strategy consisting of one or both private and public cloud disaster recovery models.

EchoStor relies on our Solutions Enablement proven methodology:

Solution Enablement:

  • Pre-Planning – During this phase EchoStor can advise on available sites and types of colocation and managed services available to address the customer’s needs.
  • Planning and Design – Once the end state requirements are agreed upon EchoStor Consultants will collaborate with the customer to design and plan out the deliver of the solution.
  • Implementation and Configuration – The type of disaster recovery solution will dictate the implementation and configuration activity. This activity will leverage the design developed in the plan and design phase.
  • Testing and Acceptance – The EchoStor delivery team will test the solution against the previously defined Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO). This will be done leveraging well-defined run books.
  • Knowledge Transfer – EchoStor Consultants will meet with the Customer to review technical and operational aspects of their new environment, as well as ensure all data and applications are available.

Key Documentation

  • Run book outlining the steps to be taken to meet disaster recovery initiatives. This Run book is customized to the needs of the customer and will be leveraged by various folks in an actual disaster recovery scenario to seamlessly recover data for production usage.

Excellence Review

  • Periodically throughout and at the completion of the engagement EchoStor will meet with the Customer to discuss and rate process, resources, documentation, timeliness and financial aspects of the engagement. This process is used as quality assurance for solution delivery.