80% of organizations will overshoot their cloud IaaS budgets due to a lack of cost optimization approaches.

Gartner, January, 2018

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has taken the industry by storm as it allows Application Developers to instantly leverage an ever-increasing number of services that offer near-instant value to business owners. Companies have been leveraging Public Cloud infrastructure for everything from traditional three-tier applications to Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and IoT. The challenge with this new wave of service delivery is that these services are very easy to consume and it requires constant monitoring to minimize waste. Gaining control of your assets and attaining insight into your Cloud consumption costs can be an exasperating experience in the dynamically unpredictable, multi-cloud world we’ve evolved into.

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EchoStor Technologies is proud to introduce a new Cloud Managed Services offering to help customers report against Hybrid-Cloud infrastructure. With this new offering, our customers gain insight into:

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