EchoStor Technologies today announced the release of their Return to Work application on the NOW platform by ServiceNow. Responding to feedback from business leaders, EchoStor has created a streamlined application that meets the needs of companies of all sizes that are returning to work in the office.

After speaking with customers, primarily mid-to-large sized commercial enterprises, EchoStor has determined that the ServiceNow Safe Workplace applications, while impressive, are not a perfect fit for all customers. In response to this, EchoStor has created a streamlined application that allows organizations that are looking to manage the safe return of their employees with health-certifications, scheduling, notifications and communications, dashboarding, and reporting via both mobile and on the portal. EchoStor has made this application free of charge and available to download from ServiceNow.

At the moment, the application leverages standard ITIL licensing for Fulfillers, and EchoStor will work with organizations to understand any impact on licensing from the use of ServiceNow’s Emergency Outreach crisis application. Read the WhitePaper that shows detailed information on Return to Work or Watch the Demo Video.

About EchoStor:

Founded in 2005, EchoStor Technologies is an award-winning provider of Data Center, Cloud and Service Management solutions.

Our dedicated ServiceNow Practice, composed of certified implementation specialists and architects, business process consultants, and industry experts each excel at optimizing business processes to take full advantage of the power of the ServiceNow platform.