Cloud Readiness Workshop

Let EchoStor Technologies show you how to leverage Cloud offerings with our Cloud Readiness Workshop!

IT organizations continue to leverage the “Cloud” to be a broker for and provider of IT as a
Service (IaaS). End users consume these well-defined services through various Cloud models located both on and off premise.

The EchoStor Cloud Readiness Workshop enables our customers through:

  • Enhanced agility around applications
  • Dynamically addressing elasticity requirements
  • Faster Time to Market through automation
  • Cost savings achieved through management

Workshop Areas of Focus

Cloud Level Set- There are various interpretations of “Cloud”. For the purpose of this workshop we will use the following definition. Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. Essential Cloud characteristic include:

  • On-demand self-service – A consumer can unilaterally provision computing capabilities, such as server time and network storage, as needed automatically without requiring human interaction with each service provider.
  • Broad network access – Capabilities are available over the network and accessed through standard mechanisms that promote use by heterogeneous thin or thick client platforms (e.g., mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and workstations).
  • Resource pooling – The provider’s computing resources can be pooled to serve multiple consumers using a multi-tenant model, with different physical and virtual resources dynamically assigned and reassigned according to consumer demand.
  • Rapid elasticity – Capabilities can be elastically provisioned and released, in some cases automatically, to scale rapidly outward and inward commensurate with demand. To the consumer, the capabilities available for provisioning often appear to be unlimited and can be appropriated in any quantity at any time.
  • Measured service – Cloud systems automatically control and optimize resource use by leveraging a metering capability at some level of abstraction appropriate to the type of service (e.g., storage, processing, bandwidth, and active user accounts). Resource usage can be monitored, controlled, and reported, providing transparency for both the provider and consumer.


Strategy – Discuss use cases and workloads driving Cloud adoption. Review the appropriate levers to conclude the best fit of either private, public or hybrid cloud direction, as well as on and off premise positioning.

People – Investigate how the cloud opportunity can free up resources from specific tasks and the reallocation of resource time to more impactful tasks.

Process – Transformation of process can be the most difficult hurdle. Business processes are to be reviewed and may need alteration to support appropriate provisioning and consumption models by the business unit.

Technology – Develop the technical framework for the integration of basic Cloud strategies, as well as for the development of a custom portal accessing the cloud.


Cloud Strategy Assessment Report

EchoStor will collect data manually and through the use of third party tools. EchoStor will perform a price analysis of private, public, and hybrid cloud, as well as, on premise versus off premise fulfillment. Based on the collection and analysis, EchoStor will present our customer with their customized Cloud Report. This report will clearly illustrate the high level journey to the cloud.

Pricing – It is approximately $25,000 for this service offering.

Contact – To start this process please fill out the form below or call the EchoStor Services team at 508-544-1313.

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