At EchoStor, the health and safety of our employees, partners, and customers is our top priority. During this difficult time, EchoStor has taken the necessary precautions to ensure that we can continue to serve customers while maintaining safe working conditions.

    • All in-person marketing events have been postponed or will move to the cloud
    • Majority of customer-related activity is being moved to remote
    • Following social distancing recommendations for work required to be performed on-site
    • The EchoStor Office has been closed through at least March 31st
    • Our operations team has provided the tools necessary for “Business as Usual”

Obviously, there are many things that remain out of our control but in true EchoStor spirit, we are here to help! If your organization has been ordered to work remotely there may be new and unforeseen challenges that arise from changes to different workloads. If these or any other scenarios related to business continuity or remote workers come up, we have teams in place to assist your organization:

    • Deliver digital workspaces accessible by any endpoint (company-owned or personal) to access critical applications and improve employee productivity.
    • Secure and protect all endpoints accessing organizational assets remotely using intelligent analytics that adapts to potential threats.
    • Optimize access and accelerate performance of organizational applications whether on-premise or in the Cloud.
    • Provide elastic capacity to rapidly scale new users instantly and on demand to adapt to company demands.
    • Automate Enterprise Emergency Management to help organizations manage complex emergency response workflows

We continue to monitor this sensitive situation to remain informed by and compliant with federal, state and local requirements and will get through this thing together by being friendly, staying healthy, and remaining connected virtually. The whole team at EchoStor stands with you and is happy to support you in any way you need. Additionally, we will be providing additional updates on our website, which you can access here: